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Moody Mountain Path

This painting was done on one of our outings to Signal Hill on a beautiful misty morning.

Goodbye Gypsy

At lunch time Gypsy went out for a wee and could not get back up the stairs onto the verandah . She sat in the rain crying and I just knew that this was it. After drying her with the hair dryer  I took her through to the Doctor and he just shook his head.  The disease had spread to all four limbs and all stability had gone.  She had lost her independence. She could not function on her own anymore. Goodbye Gypsy, we will always remember you and the wonderfully spunky personality you had.  Her story is below.

Not Art but very close to my heart

The Story of Gypsy This is the story of the unfailing fighting spirit of a little 1.2 kg puppy with the heart of a lion. I have not been blogging for the last, nearly two months, due to the arrival of a new member of our family. To start the story at the beginning ….......... Tammy is our little Maltese Cross child who is now 15 and getting very old. She is not in need of that much company any more. She just waits every day for her highlight walk and sleeps the rest of the time. She slept right through the recent burglary we had. She was on the bed when they came in and took my bag from next to the bed! I knew then that a new and more alert dog was needed as another warning system. I phoned all the shelters but there seemed to be very few puppies around. Probably not the season with winter on our doorstep. Eventually I found a rescued litter at Animal Welfare. I went rushing out to see them, taking Tammy with to see if they were compatible. They had three beautiful little