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En Plein Air - again

Being very short of time at the moment I have put in three weeks worth of en plein air paintings. This is the first. This mountain of ours is very imposing! These were all done from the Tafelberg Road parking lot. This was the second painting from the following week. The first was a total write off! These things happen, and I am learning to live with it. Then came Tuesday the 5th May!!!! The mist came swirling in over the saddle betweenSignal Hill and Lions Head. It came roaring up through the City and over Devils peak. This was the most amazing painting day. We couldn't get our easels up and functioning fast eough. Butterflies in the tummy! You could smell the mist while you painted! What an experience!!!! I managed to do two paintings. The first facing Signal Hill, which was invisable, and the second facing Devils Peak, which kept on disappearing. All the above are very small, 285mm by 200mm. I feel more comfortable at the moment painting small. The last two painti

en Plein Air

This was a quick sketch I did while waiting for some fellow artists to arrive. I sat in my car on the Rondebosch common side of the Redcross Childrens Hospital. This is the, again quick, painting I did once they arrived. For those who do not know our mountain, this is the other side of the mountain from where I was painting on Tafelberg Road. We really are very fortunate to have such a magnificent mountain on our doorstep!