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Di Mc Naughton's Workshop

Complements of the Season to one and all. Rather late than never! At the end of last year, 12 Dec, I attended a wonderful workshop held by Di. All my followers know Di, her brilliant writing and her creative work very well. I went for two reasons really, not just because I like her work, although that helped! The main reason was to get better acquainted with acrylics as I have a problem with turps and am now starting to have a problem with Artists Spirits. The other reason was that I wanted to free up, or at least try to. Di is so creative and wonderfully inspiring. She makes it look just so easy! but it is not! The day disappeared so fast. It always does when you are having fun. I could have continued for longer and only realized when driving home just how exhausted I was. Everyday life got in the way of painting over the Christmas break but early January I took out my attempts at freeing up and studied what I had achieved. The floral one was not great although I did try to ge