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Life Drawing - once off

Hi All. I have not blogged for oh so long. Life is just too complicated at the moment with far too much to do and not enough time to paint! Last Saturday we at SASA organised another once off life drawing session. This time in Pinelands. For the first time in my life I was confronted with a male model to draw! I really battled. Analising it all afterwards I came to the conclusion that we see the female form every where; press, magazines, TV. Plus I am female, which helps. The male form is very seldom shown. The model we had was a dancer and what a beautiful body. I think I was just so busy analizing and absorbing the different shapes and angles that the creativity died a little. The best drawing was actually done in the last ten minutes and it was his eyes which captivated me. Once again I go back to the portraiture that I love so much! Last 10 minutes of the longest pose from a differenct angle This was a quick 10 minute pose that the poor guy regretted after the first 5