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Snowdrops and Pearls

This is a bathroom or dressing room painting. It has now been framed in "stressed" white wood with a border to match the painting.

Shades of Autumn

74cm by 60cm including the frame. This painting started with a walk on a very cold Cape Town autumn evening. A new house has been built up the road from us and the owner has planted about 30 full grown trees! These leaves and seed pods were strewn on the pavement and in the road, just waiting to be painted. Hope the neighbours didn't see me bending down and collecting leaves from the gutter!

Selection Day

An enormous emotional and physical experience! For details of this SASA event go to The Art of Intuitive Painting . Di McNaughton has posted a brilliant article on her Blog describing the procedure and the emotions that go with it. I just feel so desperately sad about the huge quantity of quality work that was turned down. Only about 300 out of 500 paintings could be selected due to the available exhibition space at Kirstenbosch. I was very happy to have one painting accepted. It’s a portrait called “Jessie” that I did with a life-painting group in Pinelands. It got a high enough score to be included in the approximately 300 works selected for the exhibition. One of our top Cape Town artists, who sells her work very successfully at high prices, didn’t score enough for any of her paintings to be accepted. I am proud of my achievement and consider myself very lucky. I was one of the helpers on the day and when I climbed into my car, sometime after five, I felt totally shattered; o