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This painting was set as an exercise to show how much colour there is in a shadow and how shadows form. I found it hugely challenging. It took almost a day to paint the folds in the cloth! I am quite pleased with the result. I am also trying out a new brand of canvas board made by Art Stuff in Observatory. Fantastic! Amazing texture. I'm loving it!


This was another art class where Margie dumped this huge selection of shopping goodies together and we had to paint it! Enjoy colour! Play with colour! I am not a colorful person and found this project very difficult! I sort of cheated and started with an almost black background which helped a bit. I don't like the result and find it slightly disturbing. Not a comfortable painting,

Reflection - SOLD

Charcoal Nude

Still Life - White Painting

This painting was done in a class with Margie Johnson. The still life she set up was all white, yes, she even painted the egg box and eggs! Everyone knows of course that white is not truly white.