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Showing posts from August, 2007

The Gentleman

This was another art class where we all had to paint the same black and white picture. I must say that the only part of this picture I like are the hands and walking stick, maybe the glass and bottle as well. This was done last week. Lets move on!

That Look

This was done today at another art class. It is truly amazing how a roomful of people given the same black and white picture will produce totally different pictures

Wilderness lagoon revisited

A painting based on one of our photographs taken of the walkway on the bird watching trail along the banks of the lagoon in the village of Wilderness on the Garden Route.

Knysna Lagoon

This painting is based on a photograph of the Knysna lagoon taken from a vantage point near the Heads. There was a lot more activity on the lagoon in the photograph. I prefer the simplicity of a solitary boat, which is reminiscent of a less frantic era, before the tourist boom.

False Bay, Cape Town – Again

This is a painting inspired by a photograph we took of the south peninsula from a position between Rooi Els and Gordon’s Bay. The photograph was posted a while ago and can be seen in the archives.


My first attempt at a landscape in acrylics.