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Showing posts from November, 2008

Exhibition at Kirstenbosch

I recently joined this Art Society after being on the waiting list for a year! They only take 120 members due to the venue being very small. I hope it has been worth the wait. I am exhibiting two small paintings this time, feeling my way.

My Monet!

This was another project that we had in Margie's class. To copy an old Master! What a lot of fun I had and learned so much! Not too tacky!? I still want to fade the features on both faces a bit.

Painting from the soul

This was the first oil I attempted after being ill. It started with two dried rose buds. Thats probably just how I felt! It was a painting that evolved and developed as it went along, nothing was set up, it sort of came from within, and this is the result.

Constantia Craft Market

The Constantia Craft Market will be held this Saturday 15 November 2008. Our friend and fellow Artist, Elona, has a stall this year and she will be selling candle gift packs and flower arrangements. She will also be selling Liz's and my cards, which are reproductions of some of our paintings. We had them printed at Hot Ink who have been great to deal with. Thank you Nic and Lerato. The final product, you must admit, looks terrific

Preening Ducks

I have been so sick, Bronchitis, and really not in a creative mood at all! I did play around with my water colours a bit though and here is the result. They were photographed at Kirstenbosch on exhibition day.