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Another Watercolour Wave

I wish I had the time to study and paint the sea as a full time project! Maybe one day!


This is 50cm by 60cm and something completely different done in acrylic and using mendall 90 made by polycell to create a relief form. I think it should be framed in black.


SOLD To her Mum because she just had to have it! Oil on canvas board 36cm by 46cm. I know it will have a very happy home with a lovely family.

Stormy Days

Don't think that your painting will always turn out as you carefully planned them - sometimes things go awry! This was supposed to be a romantic sunset. Obviously a lot of angst was ready to erupt!

I bought a lemon

About eleven years ago I bought a lemon tree. It did nothing until recently when it produced two or three of these:- Now it is suddenly producing magnificent lemons! Strange!

Hout Bay Harbour Watercolour