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More of Hout Bay Harbour

Another day of painting in the harbour. This time we went after lunch and painted facing the boats. About 4.30 we then turned our easels around so that we were facing Chapmans peak drive and painted the sunset. I would say that this was the second most exciting "painting en plein air" I have experienced. The mist on Tafelberg still takes number one!

en Plein Air - Hout Bay Harbour

These are some of the views from our en plein air Tuesday morning sessions. Many paintings get recycled but every now and then there are some that I want to keep. For the moment anyway. Hout Bay Harbour is home to the famous Snoekies fish shop. Last week I bought some Kablejou there and cooked it for supper. It was the best fish I think I have ever tasted! Next week that will definately be a stop for me before going home after our usual morning painting.

Painting from Life

My New Years Resolution, for what they are worth, was to indulge in en plein air and life drawing and painting. This I have done with a vengence. It has been an incredibly stimulating time. This is "Amy" and was done over two mornings. You know that "butterflies in the tummy" feeling? well this was one of those times. I will be adding a touch of light to the bottom left hand side where her knee is, but have just not had the time to get around to it.

Christmas came early this year

This painting was done from a photograph with the kind permission of Diane, the photographer. Thanks you for the oppertunity! I thoroughly enjoyed painting her and hope I have done her justice! Maybe if you are still in contact with the parents you cen get them to have a look see.