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Painting from the soul

This was the first oil I attempted after being ill. It started with two dried rose buds. Thats probably just how I felt! It was a painting that evolved and developed as it went along, nothing was set up, it sort of came from within, and this is the result.


Art with Liz said…
You have been included on my tag list - please forgive me, but you don't have to do anything if you don't want to.
Dianne said…
Oh Carol, so sorry to hear you have been ill, hope you are feeling better now! Wow, is this a breakthrough painting for you? Have you ever painted like this before? I love it, have you thought about the significance of the swan? I have a book, Painting from the Soul, by Aviva Gold - you would find this book very interesting, you are very welcome to borrow it.
Carol said…
Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!! No Di, I have no idea what the significance of a swan is, it just happened. A candle turned into a swan. I would love to borrow your book, sounds fascinating.

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