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Di Mc Naughton's Workshop

Complements of the Season to one and all. Rather late than never!

At the end of last year, 12 Dec, I attended a wonderful workshop held by Di. All my followers know Di, her brilliant writing and her creative work very well. I went for two reasons really, not just because I like her work, although that helped! The main reason was to get better acquainted with acrylics as I have a problem with turps and am now starting to have a problem with Artists Spirits. The other reason was that I wanted to free up, or at least try to.

Di is so creative and wonderfully inspiring. She makes it look just so easy! but it is not! The day disappeared so fast. It always does when you are having fun. I could have continued for longer and only realized when driving home just how exhausted I was. Everyday life got in the way of painting over the Christmas break but early January I took out my attempts at freeing up and studied what I had achieved. The floral one was not great although I did try to get it looking a bit better. I may go back to it again and play some more, but the landscape one showed some promise. It was not as abstract as many of the other works done that day, but also not my usual style. I had some fun adding bits here and there and here is the result! I will probably go back and play some more when the inclination arises.

Di, thank you for a wonderful workshop. I found it very informative and inspiring. It is obvious though that you have delved very deeply into the nuts and bolts of the path you have chosen and it is a long path. I think that every one of us artists needs to just have fun and be free from time to time. I wanted to put a pic I took of Di and her painting but for the life of me I can't find it!!! When I do I will add it!


Anonymous said…
Nice painting using a limited palette. It's great to attend workshops. We learn so much from them. I have learned so much from the watercolor lessons of Jerry Stitt. I look so forward to my Thursday class. We can only improve our own art through observing the experts.
Art with Liz said…
This is soo different for you but my gosh you did it well!
Carol said…
Thanks for the visit Jean, and for your kind words. I agree, the only way to learn is to observe the experts! - I really must visit some blogs this evening. I have been out of the loop for so long now.
Kathleen Hebert said…
Carol, this is so free! It looks like you put your heart and soul into this. Just beautiful!!!! And you were so lucky to study with Diane.
Dianne said…
Dear Carol,
Thank you so much for writing about your experience at the acrylic workshop. I really love this landscape and I am so glad you went home and continued to play with the paint to create this lovely, ethereal work. It was great to chat to you today!

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