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Baillie's Cottage, Muizenberg

Painting out has started again with a vengeance!  I have been trying to finish off my painting out work in the studio and starting to get ill with the smell of my oils.  In desperation I tried to go back to acrylics but nearly landed up in tears.  I phoned Catherine at Art Source in Observatory and she said that they had just received  small starter packs of water soluble oils from Reeves and that I really should try it out as they were only R65. Well, this morning I tackled a photo of Baillie's cottage that I took on the first Monday paint out.  Oh what a pleasure to be able to fiddle and fuss and create.  I love them!  I must say that I did miss using a medium and I must get some of that.  It is water soluble as well with no harmful solvents!  What do you think??????


Anonymous said…
Just as I remember it. You did it justice. I used to pass this cottage by train daily going from Muizenberg to Fish Hoek High school. I think water soluble oils look as good as other oils. Well done.
Carol said…
Thank you so much Jean. The cottage seems to be empty now with a sign outside 'available to hire for functions'. It must be worth an absolute fortune now!
Barbara Pask said…
Just wonderful, I thought I was looking at a photo at first. Glad to hear you like the new oils, I guess I am lucky that I don't have any issues with regular oils. I don't use a medium though and I think that helps. Keep up the fight, you can't quite painting. :)
Carol said…
Hi Barbara, A photograph is not what I wanted!!! I have changed it a bit after doing an online workshop with Johannes Vloothuis (Canadian Artist). I think it now looks a bit better?!

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