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Destination Lions Head

This was painted on one of our mornings at Signal Hill.  The mist was roaring in from the sea, ahead and to the right and Table Mountain is on the left.


Art with Liz said…
This is one my favourites, that road glows and leads you through to Lion's Head.
Anonymous said…
You captured the feeling of a misty morning. Lovely colors.
Barbara Pask said…
Beautiful, love the light that the mountain is catching. Your portrait commission is wonderful too, I bet the parents do love it.
Carol said…
Thank you Jean. I am loving painting outdoors.
Carol said…
Thanks Barbara. Yes, the parents loved it. I will be posting a painting I did of the Mother soon, which they rejected, although I think it is one of my best ever portraits but then it is not easy to see yourself in a portrait. I think you have to be very mature!
Carol said…
Thank you for the visit Laura and I apologise for the late reply but as you can see I have been nursing a sick puppy for almost two months. As soon as I get back to some kind of normality I will visit your blog.

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