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Life Drawing

Life is getting just a little too hectic. I have not posted for ages. I have not visited any of my favourite blogs. I have been working though and have piles to upload!

Rampedi (fellow Council Member of our local Society) and I organised a series of four life drawing workshops over the June/July school holidays. I have never done this before and found it totally mind blowing! We started off with one minute poses, going on to 5 minute 10 minute, 20, with the longest being about 45 to 50 minutes. It is quite amazing how ones mind seems to click over to the right side and you slide into a different world. Over the next week or so I will be posting a couple of the charcoal drawings I did over the full four weeks. I was actually amazed at how free they were.


Anonymous said…
Hi Carol, considering you were not used to life drawing these sketches were very good. Hope you do lots more. I am addicted now. Even though it is quite a challenge,
FitFoodieMegha said…
Hey Carol, We were missing you. I have never tried life drawing, but now im inspiring form you. Gr8 work and excellent curves you have given to the lady's drawing..:)
Carol said…
Thanks you Carolann. Yes, I think I am addicted as well. We are going to try to hold another one in September but just two days this time.
Carol said…
Thanks for the visit Megha. It is wonderful to know that I was actually missed! You really should try it. Absolutely incredible.

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