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Flight of Fancy

The drawing competition is on Thursday and I had no idea what to do for it. Flight of Fancy is very difficult for a reasonably well grounded Capricorn, and that is the subject! I started drawing my little dog and then got carried away with fairies etc. Maybe not so well grounded! The closer you look the more you will see.

Very strange and rather amusing drawing I think.

While I have been drawing fairies, Cape Town is once again burning. Yes, it is February and our winelands are taking a beating. Three winefarms in Somerset West have had extensive damage done to them and we are choking on the ash that has blown towards Table Mountain. Today helicopters have been grounded due to bad weather conditions and my house looks like a giant with dandruff has had a good shake of this head!


Anonymous said…
It is a whimsical drawing indeed. I wish I had your imagination, fairies and all. Your weather sounds very extreme compared with Britain. Table Mountain, the mere sound of the words conjure up a wonderful picture in my head. Can you post a pic for us?
Carol said…
Hi Carolann. Thanks for the kind words. There are a few pics of Table Mountain here on my blog. You can either go to the labels down the left hand side and click on table Mountain or try:
This view is from across the bay in Blouberg. We live on the other side of the mountain. In other words, at the back of it. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are just down the road. I still have to paint this monsterous beautiful mountain of ours!
Art with Liz said…
I love this sketch of Benjy, Carol! Your cute little dog with flowers and fairies! I didn't realise the fires were so out of control again. I hope it rains - do they suspect arson again? Look at what happened in Aus. Which wine farms have taken the brunt?

Good luck for Thursday. Wish I could see them all. Take pics for me please.
Carol said…
Hi Liz
Laurensford, Vergelegen and I can't remember the other farm. This afternoon apparently one started up in Deer Park - above Vredehoek in Town. I have been plein air painting so not listened to much cape talk.
As the official photographer I will be taking a lot of photos!
Art with Liz said…
Oh great! Am looking forward to seeing those. Have you managed to take any photos of the fires? Saw a Verlegen wine here in Norrtalje yesterday!
Dianne said…
A lovely drawing, Carol! I like the cute little fairies.

February is a bad month for fires when everything is so dry. I have been away, so did not hear about the three winefarms. My veranda looked like it had dandruff when I got back, now I know why!
Carol said…
Hi Liz
There has been surprisingly little in the press about the fires. Not sure why and no I have not been out there. The weather has been unbelievably hot and busy!

Hi Dianne
Thanks - at the competition no one even saw the fairies! Lynn N said that I should have had a label saying - how many fairies can you spot!
Yes, in the Argus calander, the February page is a photo of Cape Town burning. Hope you had a wonderful time with your granddaughter. They grow up so fast. Hope to see you at the demo on Thursday.

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