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Farm Road - Franschhoek

I completed this oil painting about two weeks ago and got so wrapped up in my plein air painting that I forgot to post it. I am working with a set 40cm x 30cm canvas board at the mmoment and I really like the control I have over the whole painting. I wondered about putting a figure walking down the road then decided that the road was in fact the subject and dropped the idea.


Barbara Pask said…
Carol, I love this, the colors and the composition. I think you did the right thing to leave out he person and make the path your focus. Lovely colors.
Anonymous said…
I love following my South African bloggers works. It brings back happy memories of the past. Especially the like the colors and composition in this one.
Anonymous said…
I like paths in paintings, it symbolises our pathway through life I suppose. Really like this one, you could put a figure in but I like the symbolism in it as it is. Well done.
Cathy Gatland said…
This sunlit path is so inviting - you just want to see where it leads you. I agree, a figure would have been superfluous.
Carol said…
Barbara, thank you.

Jean, thank you. It was done from a photo my husband took but I did cheat and make the road wider in the foreground :) Isn't atrtistic licence great!

Thank you Carolann. I think you are right there, about the pathway through life.

Cathy, thanks for the visit. It was lovely to see another SA Artist's work. If you are ever in Cape Town, please drop us a line. Your drawings are amazing!
Art with Liz said…
Hi there from ever so snowy (again) Sweden. Love this painting - all the colours of Africa come alive in this one - I'm in a black and white world, so put up some more of these, please!

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