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Cycads - Kirstenbosch

I just found this painting I did while sitting on my own at Kirstenbosch. Only two of us pitched up for this Plein Air outing at Kirstenbosch. I am glad I went though. While sitting there, the cloud got heavier and heavier and it started spitting with rain. Tourists poured past and it was difficult to just focus! Isn't it wonderful to be able to create out in the midst of this wonderful world we are so lucky to live in?


Anonymous said…
Nice loose painting. I have very fond memories of Kirstenbosch. Loved walking in the beautiful gardens. Maybe one day I will have the courage to do plein air painting.
Carol said…
Thank you Jean. I am at the beginning of that journey and loving every moment, although it is very challenging and there is normally very little to show for all your efforts! I believe it takes time and lots of practice.
Dianne said…
Dear Carol, this is such a sensitive painting! I love your subtle colour palette.
I'm so sorry I didn't get to the outing, my days seem to overtake me and I am trying to complete three paintings here in my studio, which seem to be taking forever!
Art with Liz said…
Hi Carol, have been waiting and waiting for you to post something - this is great! As Di says, your colour palette is so subtle and soft.

Got your comment on my wolf pic - I need to get a list of those books I need to read when I get back. See you in two weeks.
Carol said…
Hi Di - thanks for your kind words. Plein Air is very challenging but great fun!

Hi Liz - great things take time! only kidding, I just have to get in the flow I guess. Colette loved this one so that is why I thought of posting it. Looking forward to your return - Fridays are very quiet without you!

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