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Winefarm Cottage

This is now finished! I have added some highlights and thickened paint here and there but I don't think it needs much more. I think this will just be one of my freer paintings!


Anonymous said…
I like the subtle colors and the cottage. Reminds me of happy days in SA visiting Constantia and Stellenbosch farms.
Carol said…
Hi Jean
This is a Durbanville Wine Farm Cottage but yes, the same old Cape Style, I love it too.
Dianne said…
Hi Carol,
This is a wonderful painting! It is so atmospheric, I love the way the sun is shining through those trees and the light on the walls of the cottage. Hope this one is on your exhibition - hoping to get to see your paintings on Monday.
Love Diane x x
Carol said…
Thanks Diane. This was one of those paintings that took next to no time - somehow it doesn't feel finished as so little time was involved, but I think I will spoil it if I do any more. Yes, it is at the exhibition but not framed. Will do a post on the exhibition soonest.
Barbara Pask said…
I like it Carol, wonderful colors in this.
Carol said…
Thank you Barbara. It is one of my freer works but I think it does work.

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