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The Kingfisher Trail, Wilderness

A favourite walk of ours in Wilderness is the Kingfisher trail, which meanders along the banks of the Touws River ending at two picturesque waterfalls cascading into a series of pools. These are perfect for a refreshing swim.

The trail is around 8km, there and back, through shady forested countryside. National Parks have constructed wooden walkways and stairways through the "difficult" bits to prevent erosion and make the going easy for even us "old" folk. The original pathway, which we first walked several years ago, was washed away in the recent floods and a remarkable job has been done in re-establishing this very popular route.

The photographs below show the two waterfalls. They were taken on a beautiful, if rather hot day. In the second photograph I was experimenting with a slow shutter speed to add a sense of movement to the water. Without a tripod I was a little restricted but in the full resolution image it worked reasonably well. Unfortunately down sizing the picture to post here has partially obscured the effect.


Art with Liz said…
Hi Bryan, Carol didn't show me these pics. They are fantastic, especially the second one. Great composition.
Bryan said…
Thanks Liz. Keep watching. There are several more she didn't show you.
Barbara Pask said…
How beautiful Carol, I have never been to South Africa or too many places at all. Have you lived there your whole life? Your pictures are great, digital cameras have changed our life haven't they?
Bryan said…
Hi Barbara,

Carol is a born and bred South African but I was born and educated in Rhodesia (now the Zimbabwe Ruin) but have lived in Cape Town since 1964. We love Wilderness and the Garden Route, which is just over 4 hours drive from Cape Town. We are very priviledged to live in such a beautiful city and to have such incredibly attractive places so close.

I love my digital cameras. They not only make photography so much more accessible but offer endles ways in which to share your pictures with others.

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