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Exhibition Closes Tomorrow

Two weeks of exhibition have come and gone. We close tomorrow afternoon. What a very busy time! In these really bad economic times I think we did very well. Liz sold two paintings and I sold one. Yes, Jessie is now sold. My husband was getting very fond of her sitting in our passage, but that's the way it goes.


Dianne said…
Dear Carol,
Congratulations on selling a painting! I visited the exhibition on Monday and had a chat with Margie who was sitting at the time. It was great to see your paintings in the flesh, quite a few, I have seen on your blog.
Anonymous said…
Pleased you have a good exhibition, wish I could have visited there and enjoyed some of your sunshine, its snowing here and we are freezing. Its sad to see a painting go but an incentive to replace that one in the hall!
Carol said…
Thanks Dianne. I do think art works always look better in the flesh. It is just so difficult to photograph them successfully.

Hi Carolann, wish you could have been there too! although I must say I would love to experience a bit of snow - devine to paint!!! Isn't it amazing how attached we get to a painting - when I sold my first one last year, I never expected it to hurt so much!

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