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Paintings that just don't work!

Amazing how many paintings just never get off the ground. I have discovered that the best thing to do is simply scrape off as much of the paint as possible and move on. That is what happened to this one! It was painted en plein air and that in itself was a challenge. It is quite depressing when that happens but I think it is better to cut your losses than to keep struggling with a painting that is going nowhere.


Art with Liz said…
Carol, read what Carolann said on her blog of Dec 25. Very interesting. I think we all try too hard sometimes and you are ultra self critical. Much too harsh on yourself.
Dianne said…
I agree with Liz, you have to get rid of that "judgement monkey" sitting on your shoulder. Painting is all about decision-making and problem solving .... so you need to direct your criticism towards, "what do I not like about this work" and "how can I fix it?". Paintings very rarely work straight away, most need to be looked at and reworked until it all settles into place. The skill of recognizing what is not quite right with a picture comes with practice.
We have to be incredibly kind and patient with our artist-self.
Love Dianne x x
Carol said…
Hi Liz - went to that article by Carolann and it is very true, but wait till you see what has taken the place of this little red roofed house! I got my new easel out today and put it up without too much difficulty on the veranda, and just had fun! Will post it soon.

Di, I don't think it is so much of a judgmental thing, sometimes a painting just doesn't do anything for me. When it has stood in my studio for a while and it still does nothing for me then I feel that I must move on.

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