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Kirstenbosch Annual SASA Art Exhibition

The South African Society of Artists Annual Exhibition opened at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town this morning. The paintings on this exhibition are those picked at the selection I described in a previous post.

After weeks of rain and miserable cape winter weather, we were blessed with a magnificent sunny spring day. Kirstenbosch was at its best, full of colour with lush green lawns and Table Mountain rising majestically above. A perfect setting in which to display the work of some very talented people.

Virginia MacKenny, senior lecturer in painting at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, opened the exhibition and gave an inspiring speech encouraging all of us to continue expressing our individuality through our art. She advised us not to use the selected works as defining what is good art and something we have to copy.

The exhibition is well worth a visit and will be open until the 10th October.

Lynn Brown, President of SASA, introducing our speaker.

Jessica Brown, who was the model for my portrait "Jessie" which was selected for the exhibition, presented the prizes for the top paintings.


Anonymous said…
Dear Carol,
Thanks for the update! Was not the comment by the speaker a bit of a slap in the societies' face? I did have a chuckle over the comment! Love Di x
ps having a problem leaving comments - rejecting my password!
Carol said…
I didn't think you were there!!! Didn't see you. Do you mean the bit about a bowl of oranges doesn't do it for her? (it doesn't do it for me either but I was told that was how one learned!) I do agree that we don't put enough of our souls into our art although you do seem to manage to achieve this
I attended her walkabout at the Irma Stern on Tuesday which was mind blowing - what a highly intelligent and creative woman!
Carol said…
I am getting old - the bowl of oranges was at a SASA meeting talk. I dont know what you mean? Refresh please?
Anonymous said…
The comment I am referring to is "not to use the selected works as defining what is good art and something we have to copy"!
My password is not working so cant send comments as a blogger - tried everything to fix it, still not working, so I will try now....
Carol said…
Oh yes - I remember being sort of thankful in a strange way!

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