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Colour Mixing Exercise

Finished at last! All 25 squares! What a huge learning curve! I worked in each square with only two colours plus white and have been amazed at the mixes, especially the beautiful greys one can get. I have also confirmed what my favourite colours are.


c@th said…
i absolutely love this!

hope you are well. XXX
Carol said…
Thanks Cath. My new teacher is unbelievable!!! We are all well, how are you? Long time no hear!
Anonymous said…
Hi Carol,

Your painting is amazing -Excellent to see the completed painting.

Loved the greyscaling as a test. Will follow suit.
c@th said…
heya carol!

Am doing well - blogging again on

sending you lots of love and peace
Carol said…
Hi Cath - went to see how you doing - wow - I read it three times and will probably go back again.
c@th said…
mwah. sending you much love. x

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