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Kirstenbosch Photo Shoot

Wow!!! I did a photo shoot of two kids aged seven and two at Kirstenbosch on Monday.

Firstly I haven't been to Kirstenbosch for years and my, one forgets how beautiful it is. We used to go there often for Sunday champagne breakfasts and a walk with the kids. That was in the days when it was a lot less costly to get in! Hell of a price it is now and not something I will do that often - wonder what the price of an annual ticket is? I must look that up.

I took Bryan's camera, a Canon Power Shot S3IS with 12x optical zoom and 6 mega pixels, as well as my own little Fujifilm Fine Pix with a 3x optical zoom and only 2 mega pixels. I have never done portrait photography before but jumped in headfirst. Well I was very excited and nervous and oh boy, one forgets how active a two year old is! After about two hours I left not knowing what I had in the bag.

Getting home we put all the photos onto the computer. I had used Bryan’s camera for most of the shots. What a beautiful camera! I don't really want to use mine anymore! The zoom is fantastic. The little screen that folds out and pivots is great for taking low angle shots, which I have a habit of doing and usually land up lying on the floor. It takes exactly what you see in the viewfinder. Mine adds extras that you didn't want in the pictures and weren’t in the viewfinder.

The Cannon feels so great. I used it on auto and did not even attempt to try out any of the added features. I need Bryan with me before attempting anything like that, but he is very protective of his camera. I don't know how he will take to me hijacking his baby too often. I will have to work a plan. Cameras can’t really be shared and they are oh so expensive.

I just deleted a lot of the disasters from the shoot - yeah to digital cameras! Looking through what was left I really got some fine shots. I didn't crop at all but put the lot on a disc for the kid’s Mum to choose what she would like me to draw, or paint. I have since been through them and cropped where necessary and now have a great stock of material to keep me busy for a while. Perhaps, with the mother’s permission, I will be able to post the results of this session one day soon.

What a great day, always knew I was previously in the wrong job!


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