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The Art of Blogging

When I started The Art of It, it was a tool to share a new stage of my life with family, friends and potential friends in far flung places. But the bug has bitten! My son in Johannesburg helped me track visitors by adding a “Cluster Map” widget. As red dots began to sprinkle across my map and the hit counter recorded new visitors, the fascination with blogging, with sharing thoughts, art, photographs, favourite web sites and blogs grew. And so did the desire to see the number of daily hits increase and my map get a serious case of measles!

My son suggested finding other similar or art related blogs, exploring them, commenting on their content and leaving my blog’s address as a link in a comment. The few comments left on The Art of It had been a little disappointing, but who am I to talk, having visited few other blogs and left few comments. This needs to change!

So off I went on an expedition into the “blogoshpere”. How to find interesting blogs; Google blog search? My first attempts didn’t throw up anything that engrossed me. Afrigator?

Better, but still haven’t found an art or photography blog that would keep me coming back for more. There were a couple of blogs that I found interesting but that is another story. A good site though.


Even better. This site lists a lot of blogs but so far, and I still have a lot of them to explore, no art or photography blogs that I felt would complement the content on The Art of It and make me a regular visitor.

Where to from here, dear bloggers? As someone famous once said, “That is the question?” I’ll let you know what I find when I find it.


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