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Watercolours (AVAILABLE)

The paintings on this page are all Available. All Human Portraits, Watercolour and Oil are on the Portrait page.

0220 Let's Go Hunting

0219 Good Morning

0218 Crazy Day!

0216 Springtime Magic

0175 Rhapsody in Pink
0217 Roxy
0163 Explosion in Blue
0181 I See You


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Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie

SOLD Slangkop lighthouse is the tallest iron tower on the South African Coast and sits at the one end of Kommetjie. It measures 100 feet from base to the balcony and has been operational since 1919. Every lighthouse has a different frequency of flashes and this one emits four flashes every 30 seconds as it turns and can be seen for 33 sea miles. Here is an oil painting of the lighthouse from a photograph Bryan took. I would like to do a watercolour of it sometime soon.