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Still Life

Carol Hadfield Still Life Paintings. This medium is an incredible platform for training myself as an artist - teaching me how to capture light and practice lost-and-found edges. Probably the toughest subject preference I've come across, but when it works - oh boy! I really prefer being outdoors, but nothing beats a technical challenge like a still life or a photograph, which is even more difficult.

0202 Later - Queen Protea SOLD
0203 At the Start of the Day - Queen Protea SOLD

0192 King Protea 1SOLD
0193  King Protea 2 SOLD
0152 Protea Laurifolia SOLD
0195 Sunshine - Protea Repens SOLD
0194 The Awakening - Protea Nitida SOLD
0023. Journeys End. SOLD.
0088. Jug with Grapes. 
0099. Onion. 
0103. Flowers. 


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