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If anyone would like to purchase any art works or is interested in having a portrait painted or drawn - please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Watercolours (AVAILABLE)

Carol Hadfield Watercolours. Watercolours are fun! I can fiddle with colours, textures and subjects - putting in as much or as little detail as I like. Watercolour paintings feel more spontaneous than oils (you don't have the luxury of going on-top-of-on-top-of). You can also get a certain glow in some of the paintings that you battle to get with oils. It's an exciting new medium, slightly unpredictable as the watercolour moves and the paintings "do their own thing". I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Enjoy the gallery of current watercolour paintings below.

0191 All Day Breakfast
0184 Evening on Long Street

0181 I See You! 335 x 260
0170 - Symphony in Pink 200x280
0150 A Waking Moment 270x185
0162 - Cascade of Roses
0163 - Explosion in Blue
0138 The Journey
0140 Secrets

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