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Still Life

Carol Hadfield Still Life Paintings. This medium is an incredible platform for training myself as an artist - teaching me how to capture light and practice lost-and-found edges. Probably the toughest subject preference I've come across, but when it works - oh boy! I really prefer being outdoors, but nothing beats a technical challenge like a still life or a photograph, which is even more difficult.

0202 Later - Queen Protea SOLD
0203 At the Start of the Day - Queen Protea SOLD

0192 King Protea 1SOLD
0193  King Protea 2 SOLD
0152 Protea Laurifolia SOLD
0195 Sunshine - Protea Repens SOLD
0194 The Awakening - Protea Nitida SOLD
0023. Journeys End. SOLD.
0088. Jug with Grapes. 
0099. Onion. 
0103. Flowers. 


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Cheval Voyeur Farm

The last few "quickies" from Cheval Voyeur Farm.

This was a quick oil while there was still quite a lot of water around.

A charcoal sketch done while hiding in the bushes trying to keep out of the sun!

The Courtyard

The Courtyard Hotel was the venue for our painting out in the open for a while. The painting of Deveils Peak was painted at the same location. I need more practice with buildings! We are painting in the Company Gardens at the moment and I am getting lots of practice in. Strange how the window is not centred in this building, but that is the way it is.

Centre of the Book

We spent two Tuesday mornings in the Company Gardens in central Cape Town. The first day I tried to paint this and failed dismally. The next week I used charcoal in an attempt to capture the architectural beauty of the building. Now I must try to paint it again! I love charcoal!