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En Plein Air & Landscapes (Sold)

The paintings on this page have all been sold.
To view available work please go to En Plein Air and Landscapes-Available.

0213 Sorting the Nets SOLD

0206 Lions Head Magic SOLD

0197 On a Clear Day SOLD
0200 Riverside Peace SOLD

0173 Loading the Catch  SOLD
0154 St James (10 x 14 ins) SOLD
0126 Morning in Newlands SOLD
0128 Morning Catch Arriving SOLD
0127 Boats in Kalk Bay Harbour SOLD

0122. Hout Bay Harbour. SOLD

0118. Winters Morning, Long Street SOLD
0034. Slangkop Lighthouse SOLD
0036. Farm Road, Franschoek. SOLD
0037. Winefarm Cottage. SOLD
0039. Morning Mist, Lions Head. SOLD

0050. Walk with Me. SOLD
0051. Destination Lions Head SOLD
0054. Moody Mountain Path. SOLD
0055. Morning Mist, Cape Town. SOLD
0057. Lions Head. SOLD
0059. Winter's Morning. Lions Head from Oudekraal. SOLD
0063. Cable Car. SOLD
0064. Cable Car, Table Mountain. SOLD.
0066. Tafelberg Road. SOLD.
0071. Passage from Sea to Sky. Beacon off Baileys Cottage. SOLD
0073. Peace on the Marina. SOLD.
0079. Trekkers on Fish Hoek Beach. SOLD.

0101. Trekkers, Hauling in the Catch. SOLD.
0102. Trekkers, The Catch. SOLD.
0111. Market Day, Morocco. Photo ref. Ann Young. SOLD
0080. Boats at Rest, Kalk Bay Harbour. SOLD
0114. The Secret Door. SOLD
0115. Spring Morning, Groot Constantia. SOLD
0117. Mystic Mountains, Cape Town. SOLD


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