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En Plein Air & Landscapes (AVAILABLE)

En Plein Air is a French term for painting "outdoors, on site and on location". It is also very addictive! And so difficult. It took me more than a year to produce anything sale-able...

To feel the wind in your hair, watching the birds and the bugs, hearing the cows and the horses - it just creates an atmosphere that somehow translates onto the canvas. I prefer painting in the mist and the rain - and that must say something. Nature has a deep, all encompassing and transformative effect and I hope you can see it in this body of work.

0212 Conversations
0214 Twelve Apostles
0224 Waiting for the Boats to Arrive
0215 Noordhoek to Kommetjie
0209 The Gathering
0208 Gone Fishing
0210 Misty Morning
0211 Beta Beach
0205 Lions Head Revisited
0207 Fish Hoek Walk
0187 Freedom
0196 - Secret Pathway
0199 The Park
0201 Changing Seasons, Groot Constantia
0198 As the Mist Rolled In
0133 86 Long Street
0132 Majestic Sentinel
0131 Reach for the Sky, Newlands
0189 Newlands Magic
0188 Winters Morning Trout Fishing
Storm Brewing, Lions Head, 50x30cm, Oil
Misty Muizenberg, 28x20cm, Oil
0176 Ready to depart Hout Bay Harbour 355 x 250, Oil
0175 Winters Morning - Blouberg 500 x 300
0174 Constantia Cottage 300x400
0172 Calm before the Storm 500x300
0171 Fun in the Sun 505 x 250

0180 Peace on the Estate 350 x 250 
0178 The Mansion 280 x 195 
0179 Misty Morning in the Garden 355 x 250
0169 - Storm Approaching Paternoster 510x410
0168 - The Courtyard Welcomes 285x201
0167 - Beginnings of a good Merlot 285x201
0166 - Vineyards, Groot Constantia 285x201
0165 - The Avenue, Groot Constantia 285x201
0164 - Morning Light, Groot Constantia 285x201
Winters Morning Reminiscences 260 x 520 mm
0157 The Promenade 285 x 203 mm
0156 Early Morning Paddle 300 x 400 mm (12 x 16 ins)
0147 Shark Bay Moods 760x380mm
0146 Shark Bay
0145 Velddrift 10x14 (355x255mm)
0141 Tafelberg Road Again
0129 Stories Untold
0125 Nitida Farm Cottage

0120. Hout Bay Harbour.
0022. Bertha's, Simonstown Waterfront
0029. Path to Slangkop Lighthouse
0035. Alistair, Hout Bay Harbour
0044. The Courtyard.
0045. Devils Peak from The Courtyard

0048. Lavender Garden.
0049. Symphony.
0052. Visions in the Mist. Miniature.
0052. Visions in the Mist. Miniature.
0056. Cheval Voyeur Cottage.
0058. At The Mercy of the Tides.
0068. Storm Closing in, Green Point.
0069. Green Point Lighthouse as the mist came in.
0070. Baileys Cottage.
0072. Morning on the Marina.
0086. Container Ship in Table Bay.
0087. Autumn Morning, Groot Constantia.
0090. Venice.
0100. Tafelberg Road Revisited.
0106. Winters Morning, Boulders Beach.
0107. Every Day is Market Day. Photo ref. Ann Young.
0108. Blouberg Magic.
0109. Chart Farm.
0112. Village Cafe, Napier Street.
0113. The Chapel, Buitenverwachting.
0116. West Coast Flowers.


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