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Still Life

2012 is my year of creativity and learning.  I have been out of the blogging world for 5 months now all because I have been working very hard! Still life is not my favourite subject matter, but I started classes with Natalie Hirschman at the beginning of this year and this was our first class subject. I am learning so much and changing so fast it is mind blowing. I love it.


bifold doors said…
Its nice that you are trying to enhance your talent. In life never stop learning cause if you did you'll be left behind. These are good piece even if you have just started.
Barbara Pask said…
I love this, it is great to stretch ourselves and to always be learning. How exciting for you.
Carol said…
Hi Barbara, Thank you for your comment. I am finding this year so stimulating but have had no time for blogging! so sad, but maybe next year - I miss it....

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