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I am a Grandma !!!!

After only four hours of labour my very clever daughter-in-law produced a beautiful 3 Kilo baby boy.  Mum and Baby well and Dad is just so proud, as are we.  They have named him Jack.  Unfortunately they live in Johannesburg but we are going up to see them in September, I just can't wait!



Barbara Pask said…
Congratulations Grandma, he is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Carol! Little Jack is gorgeous! I'm sure you can't wait to hold him. Enjoy your visit. Best wishes, Wyn Rossouw.
Carol said…
Thanks Liz - I had nothing to do with it!! They say he is a Hadfield though!
Carol said…
Barbara, Thanks for the visit! I have all but given up blogging for the moment as we are still on dial up and I just find it too frustrating! We are waiting for ADSL - it has so far been almost a four week wait! I am not holding my breath for anything to happen in the near future, this is Africa!
Carol said…
Wyn, thank you so much for the visit and your congratulations! 16 more sleeps till I can hold him! Can't wait to hear what Paris is like?!?

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