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Commission Accomplished

This painting was a commissioned artwork which thankfully the parents loved.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting it and am happy with the finished product.


Marie Theron said…
This double portrait is really excellent, Carol! The muted colours give it a timeless feel. A lovely painting to own even if you do not know the children!
Carol said…
Thank you so much Marie.It is actually amazing how much you learn about a child while doing a photoshoot. It all helps when painting them.
Art with Liz said…
It is really lovely - well done - and I like the new look blog!
Barbara Pask said…
Gorgeous work Carol, I am not surprised the parents loved it.
Kathleen Hebert said…
Double portraits are always so difficult for me. What sweet expressions you have captured!!! You are a very courageous woman. Lovely!
Carol said…
Thanks for the visit Barbara, and the comment. That is high praise indeed, coming from a great artist like you, thank you.
Carol said…
Thank you Kathleen. This was my first double portrait but I did a photo shoot first which helped to find out more about the characters of the children. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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