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The Tops, Wilderness, South Africa

In January this year we spent a wonderful 5 days at The Tops in Wilderness. Dotty Brink, who is also an artist, is a wonderful hostess and I recommend anyone wanting a B & B or self catering accommodation in the area to stay with her.

One morning at our usual table for a delicious breakfast on the veranda I made a quick sketch of part of the view. I must add here that you have a wide panoramic view from the ocean to the mountains, but I just loved the roof tops of the houses across the valley. I took some pics as well and have finally finished the painting! By the way I took a little artistic liberty and changed some palm trees to something a little more indigenous looking!


Anonymous said…
Looks like it was a misty morning. I agree that palm trees don't quite fit the Wilderness area. Your "artistic license" fits the picture better. Nice sketch.
Barbara Pask said…
Beautiful painting Carol. This does have the feel of a misty morning.
Art with Liz said…
This is great Carol - saw the beginning and love the finished result. Glad you're back to posting!
Dianne said…
Hi Carol, also glad you are back to posting. This is beautifully painted and I think the composition is great.
Carol said…
Hi Jean. Thanks for the visit. I must visit all my favourite sites soon and catch up! Thank you
Carol said…
Thank you Barbara. Yes, the mist often comes into Wilderness. Possibly part of the reason why it is always so green too. This is my favourite part of South Africa.
Carol said…
Thanks Liz - yes, the palm trees just didn't work!
Carol said…
Hi Dianne! So glad you are back - must take a look at your site soonest. I hear you gave a fantastic workshop and I am very keen to attend your next one! Even using Artists Spirits I am begining to suffer with nausea again. I may have to go back to acrylics!

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