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More Life Drawing

Here are some more of the drawings from the second week. The second time was a lot easier. We will be hosting another workshop in September for any locals who would like to join us.


Barbara Pask said…
Your sketches are wonderful, you did a great job with all of these.
Art with Liz said…
You don't post forever, and then two days in a row!! These sketches are terrific (but I've already told you that!) Your proportions are incredible.
Figure Finder said…
It's great to see that you are organizing your own classes.

If you want to get some more ideas go to What in the world is that Model Thinking?
jgr said…
Hi Carol,
I am so glad I've discovered your blog. I love the figures!! And I scrolled down to see your other work. It's all very inspiring to me, I'm a beginner/intermediate in watercolors. I'll be back to see more in the future.
Carol said…
Hi Figure Finder,
Thanks for the visit and yes I went to see your link. It looks a very interesting book. It really is interesting how some models are just so good!!! The one I have just posted has been posing for over 20 years! Some of the group remembered her from Art School days! She is truly amazing, and she just does her own thing!
Carol said…
Thanks Barbara - it was a first for me and I so enjoyed it!
Carol said…
Hi jgr. Thanks for the visit. I have only been at this game for a short while myself but it is addictive, and the more you do the more you want to do and you just have to get better!!! It is a very exciting journey. May yours be just as fruitful. Just going to your blog for a visit now....

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