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Plein Air Painting

Wow - I am in seventh heaven!!! I have just had the most wonderful morning! I joined a group of Plein Air painters at Maidens cove, near Camps Bay. Now firstly, I have lived in Cape Town since I was 17 and I have never been to Maidens Cove, and secondly, I have never seen so many paintings just waiting to be painted in one place!!! .... and I didn't have the confidence to take my oils! - I left them at home!!!! Well we women make a plan! I first sat under my enormous garden umbrella on a rock and sketched. Just let the juices flow! It was sheer heaven!

Yes, the woman is a rock! there are five of them, although I could only see four. Then I got out my watercolour paper and drew another view of her - keeping a careful eye on compisition etc. One gets so tied up in detail that I really battled to get her shape right! But eventually I had enough down on the paper to bring out the watercolours. I am rather chuffed with the result even if it is rather pale and misty- that's the way I paint!


Anonymous said…
I think that you should be chuffed with you painting as well as the drawing. I like the softness in your watercolour. I can see how you felt when you did the painting. Will join you next week. Erna
Art with Liz said…
Gosh but your colours are great! I am going to try plein air again - this is inspirational.
Carol said…
Thank you Erna - I can't wait for next week! It really was a wonderful experience and I think I am hooked!

Hi Liz - just my usual palette. There was a lot of purple in the sea that day. Amazing I say, I think I am hooked ... can't wait for the cape storms to begin!
Anonymous said…
I would like to go plein air and plan to this year when the weather gets better. Unfortunately, we haven't got such marvellous and exciting things to paint as you have. This scene must be magical to paint. The watercolour is really delicately painted and worked out lovely for you. Like to see some photos of those Cape storms you talk about!
Carol said…
Thank you Carolann. Yes, we are very lucky with our magical surrounds. We get some hectic storms though and I will try to include some photos for you.
Cathy Gatland said…
How wonderful! Maidens Cove makes me hanker for a trip to the Cape and some plein air. Your painting is delicate and beautiful.
Carol said…
Hi Cathy. Thanks for the visit and the kind words. If you are ever in Cape Town please do drop us a line and join us! We are all members of the South African Society of Artists and would welcome a visiting artist!

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