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Wine Farm Cottage

I was given a beautiful new box easel for my birthday! My first painting using it was done on the veranda of our home. (This was the recycled red roofed house by the way). It looks much better doesn't it? The inspiration was a photograph taken at Hillcrest Wine Estate during a recent visit. I kept it as originally painted and not tried to show too much detail. I rather like it as it is! What do you think?


Art with Liz said…
Do not touch it! Leave it alone. It is great! No fiddling! What a beautiful building and you've got the light so right.
Carol said…
Thank you Liz! I must say that the original looks a lot better than the photograph - It was one of those really difficult paintings to photograph!
Dianne said…
Well done Carol! This painting is really great, it has a lovely atmosphere and the colours work really well.
Love Dianne x x
Anonymous said…
I'd be really pleased with this if I'd done it. I so much want to do watercolours like this, free and full of emotion.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Love the colors and mood created with this painting.
Carol said…
Thanks Di - I tried a new technique for the first time. I used the paints directly from the tubes and mixed them on the canvas! I have seen this method used by a fellow artist in a class. I need more practice though!

Thanks Carolann. I will always remember something my art teacher Margie Johnson said. She is also a very good watercolorist, and her her ambition is to be able to paint oils and make them look like watercolours.

Thank you Jean - sometimes the mood is just right for creating!

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