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Another Disaster

This one will also be relegated to the recycle bin in the near future!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Don't be too hard on yourself. I thought one could always fix things when using oils, unlike watercolors. Having said that I throw away a number of attempts before being semi satisfied with a piece. I don't have the courage you have to put the ones I'm not satisfied with on my blog. It's a good idea though for people to see the process we sometimes go through.
Anonymous said…
I really like the fact that you have posted your 'disasters' and not 'best' work. As my last posting said, work to 'express' not 'impress' and new improved work will no doubt evolve from this process. I agree with your last comment, it is good to show the 'journey' we have to go through in order 'for the love of our art' I'm following your blog now, I love the photography and writings you have, also lots of links to follow.
Carol said…
Thanks for the visit Jean. Yes you can't repair watercolours! That is the beauty of oils. The problem is that although I have posted the disasters nobody including myself can say why the painting just does not work!

Carolann, if the truth be told I had nothing else to post! I have not been feeling very creative lately but needed to keep in touch. I did have a breakthrough yesterday though and will post the painting I did over the red roofed house asap. This painting landed up incredibly "free" for me!

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