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Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie

Looking to go somewhere new on a recent public holiday we paid a visit to Imhoff Farm and the Blue Water Café. The farm is part of a gift of land made to widow, Christina Rousseau by Baron van Imhoff for her efforts in supplying produce to ships of the Dutch East India Company anchored in Simon’s Bay in the mid-1700’s. The area became known as 'Imhoff’s Gift' and includes the land on which the settlements of Imhoff's Gift, Ocean View and Kommetjie now lie.

Today Imhoff Farm has been converted into a commercial centre at which a number of local artists and craftsmen sell their wares. There are shops selling homemade breads and cheese, preserves and pickles and similar farm food products. Activities include pony, horse and camel rides for little kids and big kids and a snake park, which we didn’t visit.

The Blue Water Café is a family friendly, relaxed and very casual restaurant. There is an indoor area, a veranda overlooking the Noordehoek Valley and rough wooden benches on the lawns beyond. The service was friendly but laid back. The meal was excellent and the house white wine fruity and delicious. We noted with amusement that although the wine was labelled as South African, Wine of Origin, Ashton, it had a note at the bottom of the label saying that it was especially imported by a company in Harare!

These are a few photographs taken at Imhoff farm and later in the afternoon during a stroll on Noordehoek beach before heading home.


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