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Spier Contemporary Art Exhibition Visit

Contemporary art is not something we know much about, but today we went on a SASA outing to see the Spier Contemporary Art Exhibition 2007 at the Spier Wine Estate just outside Stellenbosch. What a mind blowing experience.

We were taken around by the co-curator Jay Pather and given so much valuable information about what they had seen in the works and why they were chosen. Only 100 works were chosen from over 2000. No mean feat. This was a multi media exhibition and includes paintings, sculpture, photography, video, and live performances.

Over lunch Bryan and I discussed in great depth what is art and what is just pretending to be "Art" This exhibition is most definitely well worth visiting. For all my Johannesburg readers, it will be moving up there at the end of March. It will awaken emotions in you that you have buried deep inside. It will bring joy and discomfort. Go and see for yourself!

One of my favourite exhibits

Our own contemporary art taken between shipping containers used to construct part of the venue.


Penny said…
Hello Carol - hopefully you will enter the Spier Contemporary 2010 (launched at the beginning of May). As with the last competition/exhibition, there are restrictions on works submitted. The deadline is the end of October, and submission forms can be downloaded from
Unknown said…
Very Colorful. Always the African Art remains attractive and very perfect in the color.

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