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Friday, 20 July 2007

Dolphins at Play off Noordhoek

A late summer visit to the spectacular Noordhoek Beach on Cape Town’s Atlantic coast, for a walk with the dog, produced an unexpected bonus. We saw a photographer with a long telephoto lens staring out to sea for ages and wondered what he was trying to photograph. After much searching we spotted a large school of dolphins frolicking in the bay. Out came the Cannon camera. Thank goodness for its built in 12 times optical zoom, a very effective image stabiliser and a convenient large rock to lean against. Even with these aids capturing the fast moving Dolphins was challenging! At full zoom your field of view is tiny and the Dolphins unpredictable.

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Tammy Farrell said...

Hi...i love you photo of Noordhoek beach. I'm wanting to paint a picture for my boyfriend of noordhoek - is there ANY chance I could get a copy of this photo in high pixel! I've been looking everywhere for one like yours.

I'd be so grateful. My email address is

Look forward to hearing from you.