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Art Class

Wow. I have started a weekly art class with Phillip Glazer at the Frank Joubert Art School. As you may have gathered I have been battling with colour! For a few weeks now I have been trying to paint sea and landscapes from some of our many photographs, but with disastrous results. What a difference it makes to have a teacher say “leave it alone now, that’s perfect”, before you over do things. How helpful it is have someone there to give advice on mixing shades and colours and to hold your painting up at a distance so that you see it as it should be seen. One always forgets to do this. Not having had any formal art training it was a very exciting experience and a huge learning curve. I hope you like the results!


Anonymous said…
Once again you have outdone yourself this is really beautiful

Ronald says that he goes on to your site at least once a week,
he is just not the typing kind.

love you lots

Your sister
Carol Hadfield said…
Thanks for the support! I truly appreciate it!
Carol Hadfield said…
Thanks, I am rather fond of this one too, it is busy being framed.

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